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Car diagnostic and electronics repair

Car Sellers

Everybody likes to buy a car with confidence.
I'm sure you realize that.
Customers are very afraid of defects in electronics because they are
not easy to diagnose and expensive to remove.
So believe me, nothing will convince the buyer to buy Your car
just like

If no defects in the electronics are found in the car,
the car will receive the above - mentioned certificate.

If I have to fix a defect, the certificate will be able to be granted
 but it depends on the type of error removed
(some errors cannot be removed permanently without
removing the reason for their occurrence).

The price of this service has been calculated based on
diagnose AT LEAST 10 cars AT ONCE
and is £ 15 per car, which is a total of £ 150.

Of course, I print the results of the inspection test both before
and after possible troubleshooting.
Printouts are attached to the Certificate.

It is also possible to order an inspection of the entire car.
The price to be agreed depends on the number of cars.

Late payment is possible.

The standard service of cleaning fault codes is from 40-60 £
per car and you still have to go to the workshop.
I do this service 3-4 times cheaper and for this,
I use Autel MS 906 PRO which is one of the best - if not the
the best device in the world.

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