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Want to buy car? Make professional car check before buying.
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Mobile Pre sale car check

Car Sellers

Inspection report will help You to sale car mostly to ...the first viewer!

Do You have car for sale?
Inspection report will help You to salle car mostly to ...the first viewer!
Everybody likes to buy with confidence.
So  just give me a call  07885524072  or e-mail me and let's do it!

1. Car Electronics quality certificate

For electronic diagnostic I'm using one
from the most modern tool in the world:

If Your car will fly over inspection will get:

2. Mechanical car inspection:

Exterior check
Interior checks
Engine compartment checks
Electrical check using my
Front and rear suspension / wheels and tyres / brakes
Under-side checks
Extended Road Test

Full description below.

3. Conclusion after car inspection
Your will get inspection results in these CONCLUSION part.
Just click this image over ^
And here are answers what your buyer expect the most! Buy or not to buy.
So if You think Your car can fly over inspection call or e-mail me.

Overview of my questions and general explanation of know how
1   Is the owner’s manual missing?  Not a big deal but can be a problem if You don't know very good car model You are buying.
Always some money to spend online.
2  Are there large gaps in the service history or no   records at all?  Large gaps in servicing say that the previous owner or owners did not care about the car or that the car was unused for a long time, which is even worse or even that the car had serious damage, e.g. an accident.
3   Do you suspect the mileage isn’t legitimate?
  False mileage suggests that the car may be much more worn than someone is trying to suggest to you. Many components may require major repairs in the near future.
4   Does the title include the word “salvage”?  I don't think it needs any comments....
5  Is there evidence of curb damage on the wheels?  Curb damage may not only suggest wheel repair/replacement but also visible or non-tire damage.
6  Are the windshield wiper blades damaged?  Not big deal but always some money to spend.
7  Are any hubcaps missing, damaged or loose?   Same as above
 Are all the tire pressures properly set?
  Incorrect tire pressure may suggest tire damage and a shorter life.
9 Is the paint faded or cracked?  Cracked or faded paint may suggest rust spots wherever it happened and rust is not known to be a car's best friend.
10 Are any panels a different shade or colour?
This may suggest painting repairs and also, done sloppily.
Are any of the panel gaps markedly different than the others?
 This may suggest bodywork repairs and also done sloppily.
12 Are any of the trim pieces lose or missing?  These deficiencies suggest an incomplete accident repair, e.g. due to lack of parts.
Does a magnet fail to adhere to the sheet metal?
 It gives me the certainty of body painting or after accident repair. How great I will answer face to face.
14 Are any of the tires a different brand or size?  Driving a car with different tires is asking for a problem when braking, e.g. on a slippery     road. Requires replacement of all tires. Expensive malfunction.
15  Is there evidence of accident damage that   
has been poorly repaired?
Accident repairs are acceptable but sloppy ones can already be risky for the safety of the user and the durability of the vehicle.
16 Are lug nuts missing?
All - wheel bolts or nuts have tapered seats which tighten over time. A lack of a screw may indicate a hub failure
Are there any small dark spots or oily film on the bumper near the exhaust pipe?
The presence of such stains indicates that the engine is consuming oil or that the injectors are in poor condition or that the electronics controlling the injection are not working properly.
18 Are there any small rust spots? Small rust spots seem harmless but soon turn into big ones
Is there rust everywhere?
No comments
20 Are there any tears or wear marks in the seats? Not dangerous for use but quite expensive to repair in the case of leather .. unless you like covers
21 Are there any cracks, blemishes or broken trim? Assuming that they are not accidental damage, it just looks ugly and the appearance of my car says about its owner
22 Are the spare tire, jack and tools damaged or missing?
No matter which inconvenience and removing it is an additional cost
23 Do any of the windows go down or up slower than the others? Do they make noises?
Repairs of such defects are difficult and expensive due to the time they take, besides they can indicate hitting the panel where there is a problem window.
24  When the climate control is turned on, does the fan squeak or rattle or operate on only the one speed setting?
Repairs of such defects are difficult and expensive due to most expensive parts and are very uncomfortable e.g. when the windscreen is heated in the winter.
25 Does the air conditioning blow warm air?
Don't believe it when someone tells you that you just fill it with gas. Somehow this gas escaped and it indicates about the leakage of the system and often leads to expensive repairs. And of course, it is very uncomfortable.
26 Turn on all the accessories (windshield wipers, radio, power mirrors, etc.). Do any fail to operate properly?
Big discomfort and also impact on driving safety, expensive to repair.
27 Is the brake pedal worn more or less than the mileage on the odometer would suggest? this ailment suggests that a major repair could be done or proves an attempt to hide a greater mileage than the meter reads.
28 Is there any rust or evidence of water in the spare-tire well?
This fault indicates that the entire car can be leaking or even that it may have been partially submerged in water.
29 Does the sunroof operate slowly as if it’s struggling to move?
This fault may indicate leaking sunroof, corroded guide mechanism and even e.g. car rollover and roof damage.
30 Is there a stale smell, like mildew or spoiled milk?
100% certainty that the car was flooded.
31 Is there evidence of water damage in the glovebox or under the rear seat?Same as above.
32 Are any of the inner fender shields missing or broken?
They usually play a protective role. More extra money to spend.
33 Put knee on the bumper, bounce the car three times, then stop. Does the body move up and down more than two times? Fault indicating worn out shock absorbers. Expensive repair.
34 Is there uneven wear on any of the tires?
This drawback is usually about poor wheel alignment. This can be due to a lot of faults. So not only replacing the tires but also looking for a fault why the wheel alignment is bad
35 Coolant quality is not below 0?
This problem usually means that there were problems with the cooling system and this should always be a warning.
36 Jack up the car and safely support it so the wheels are off the ground. Tug and push on the wheels. Is there any lateral play at the hub?
This malfunction indicates damaged wheel bearings, may also require hubs to be replaced
37 Pull on the tie rods and the suspension mounts. Do you detect any movement?
Freeplay informs about the worn suspension. More free play more money to spend.
And remember replacing, for example, only one part will not help much. The car suspension repairs COMPREHENSIVELY.
38 Are the brake pads and rotors worn out?
Another repair. This time NECESSARY to carry out. In some cases, quite expensive.
39 Is there rust on any of the underbody surfaces?
Rust on underbody surfaces means weakening the whole body. Do you know what can happen to such a car in the event of an accident? It will fold like harmony.
40 Check the engine bottom. Any sign of fluid leaks?
Any oil or coolant leakage can lead to VERY expensive repairs.
41 What about transmission and differential leaks?
Gearbox or differential repair is one of the most expensive repairs.
42 Is there any bent or dented metal?
Bent or dented metal usually talks about an accident or testifies to using a car in difficult terrain.
43 Are there shiny marks on the pinch welds?
The need to weld the chassis indicates the TOTAL wear of the entire car. You can expect a lot not expected problems everywhere.
44 Is there fluid seepage around the brake calliper or from the bottom of the brake drums?
The fault requires IMMEDIATE repair.
Often leads to the replacement of all braking components in the wheel. Callipers, drums, pistons, brake pads or shoes.
45 Check the ground under the car. Are there any puddles of oil or fluid?
Oil or coolant leaks so large that they leave marks at the car's parking place saying about the critical condition of the engine or/and cooling system. Expensive repair required.
46 Look at the bottom of the radiator. Is it wet from coolant?
As above. not only the necessary repair of the cooling system but also possible overheating of the engine.
With the engine off, squeeze the hoses. Do they feel stiff or brittle?
This problem means that the radiator cap or expansion tank cap is damaged and the cooling system has incorrect pressure.
48 Are there cracks in the belt(s)?
There may be danger of breaking in the event of a collision.
49 Are there any wires not covered by sheathing?
Does this case means repairs or alterations? electrical system.
50 Are there any loose hose clamps?
Can mean repairs to the cooling system ...
51 Are there any loose and corroded battery clamps?
Corroded terminals usually mean that acid is leaking from the battery.
Is the battery more than 4 years old?
If so you will probably need to buy a new battery soon.
53 Is there any sign of fluid leaks at the accessories (power-steering pump, brake reservoir)?
Means the need for repairs, usually not too expensive but necessary to carry out (mostly rubber rings)
54 Any evidence of nesting mice or other animals?
It can mean trouble with bad smell and ... with electric wires.
Is the air filter dirty?
Ordinary dust means no care for the car, but greasy dirt can mean problems.
56 Are fluid levels (power steering, brake, coolant, oil and transmission) below the minimum?
Lack of car care, no regular servicing, and if the fluid levels below those required after the service was a bad service or malfunction of specific systems.
57 Check for oil change stickers. Is the car long overdue?
Lack of regular servicing is the most common cause of any faults, especially the engine
58 Is there seepage at the bottom of the brake reservoir?
The tank must be operated immediately and the tank needs to be replaced. You can leave without brakes at any time while driving
59 Is there sludge in the bottom of the coolant reservoir?
If no one has contaminated the cooling system specifically (SIC), it means that the system is in direct contact with e.g. a lubrication system and this probably means that the engine head has to be removed.Need more research
60 If the engine has a timing belt, is it older than 4 years? If unknown, answer “yes.”
timing belt breaking is one of the most serious car defects and in 95% of cases, it leads to ... engine replacement because the damage caused by breaking it is too serious.
61 Put a drop of oil from the dipstick on a clean, dry rag. Does it appear gooey and/or black?
Sticky black cold oil means the presence of a large amount of soot in it. And this means that the engine was poorly lubricated. and this is already known what it means
62 Are there shiny metallic particles in the oil?
The presence of metal in the oil means complete engine wear
63 Does the oil looks milky or smell like gasoline?
Milk oil means mixing liquids from the oil and cooling system. Oil smelling of gasoline means mixing of the oil and fuel system. Both cases require at least 95% removal of the cylinder head gasked and major repairs.
64 Start the car. Do the warning lights remain on?
Can mean very serious problems, ask me what it means after diagnostics
65 Does the airbag light stay on or blink?
Most often means that the car had an accident and also no airbag or airbags. instaled after repair.
66 Does the engine fail to settle into a consistent idle within a couple of minutes?
It means uneven combustion in cylinders, and this can mean a lot of different reasons, from uneven cylinder compression to injection control system faults, and / or injection faults, and many many more.
67 Automatic transmission: Put the car in drive. Does it clunk into gear?
if the gear changes are not very smooth (with gentle driving) it means that the gearbox is worn and will require urgent repair or change.
Manual transmission: Depress the clutch. Does it feel stiff or jerky?
Most often it simply means a worn clutch. In most cars, expensive repair.
69 Are there any strange noises (belt squeak, exhaust leak)?
These faults will require replacement of belts, tensioners, exhaust system.
70 Turn the key to the “on” position. Do the warning lights fail to illuminate?
Most often means that someone VERY MUCH doesn't want you to see what happens with the lights after the engine start.
71 Start the car. Do the warning lights remain on?
Maybe but it doesn't mean he needs serious repairs. Talk to me and ask.
72 Remove the oil filler cap. Are there thick, black deposits in the cylinder head?
Means problems with injectors and often with ... the engine head gasked because the problem to remove the injectors.
73 Sniff the automatic transmission fluid dipstick. Does it smell burnt?
Means gearbox wear.
74 Drive the car in tight circles in a parking lot. Does anything rub or clunk?
Depends on the type of sound and when it occurs. This may mean that the drive shaft is worn or that many suspension components need to be replaced.
75 Brake firmly. Does the pedal feel soft and mushy?
Most often means the air in the braking system.
76 Does the feel of the brake pedal change (e.g., soft one stop, firm the next)?
Several possible causes.From vacuum pumps through old fluid brakes (contains a lot of water) and e.g. baked pistons in brake cailipers, i.e. bad service of the braking system
77 Does the car veer to one side while braking?
This means brake callipers and pistons not working or working poorly.
78 Drive over some bumps at normal speeds. Does the car bounce up and down after hitting a bump?
Damaged shock absorbers.
79 Do you hear any loud noises from the suspension, such as clunks or creaks?
Many possible causes related to vehicle suspension.
80 Get up to highway speeds. Is there any vibration?
Most often poorly balanced wheels, deformed rims, rarely more serious causes such as skewed shafts.
81 Is the steering wheel off-centre when the car is going straight?
Contrary to appearances, the defect does not manifest itself after removing the steering wheel and its incorrect installation, but most often due to bad wheel alignment or not even tires.
82 Do you hear excessive wind noise?
Possible improper pasting of the windshield, damaged seals in the side doors, windows not closing properly.
83 Do the interior pieces rattle over bumps?
it is possible that the car was partially demolished inside and badly assembled. There can be many reasons
Does the car pull to one side?
Bad convergence of the car. the problem is to find out why there is bad convergence.
85 Accelerate briskly. Does the transmission jerk at the shift points?
Most likely the clutch needs to be replaced
86 Does the car accelerates in fits and starts?
Most often a fault in the ignition system. the more modern the car, the more possibilities
87 Manual transmission:clutch slipping test. Is the clutch slipping?Worn clutch
88 Do you hear any knocking noises from the engine that get faster with higher engine speed?
Very often severe engine damage such as damaged crankshaft bearings, valve tappets, valves in contact with pistons and many more.
89 Does the car feel tired as if it’s worn out?
Do you want to ride something that should be scrap?  8-))
90 Start the engine. Is there sustained visible smoke?
In newer cars, the EGR valve and / or the DPF filter are often damaged. In older cars there are many possible causes ... although some just have such as VW 2.4 ..
91 Is there smoke coming from the exhaust during acceleration?
Old diesel cars without DPF can have that, but in newer Euro 5+ this means that the engine and fuel system are worn - bad combustion of the air-fuel mixture.
92 Look under the hood. Do you hear a hissing noise?
Possible cracks such as the crankcase breather pipe and many more. Difficult to verify often.
93 Check under the car again. Any sign of fresh fluid leaks?
Fresh leaks indicate severe system leaks.
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