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Want to buy car? Make professional car check before buying.
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Pre-purchase Mobile Car Inspection

The inspection report will help You with car sale for the first viewer.
or will cover Your finance when buying a used car.
Car inspection in Bristol without
driving to the shop!

And this all on Your site for a really good price 59 £

Do You have car for sale?
Inspection report will help You to salle car mostly to ...the first viewer!
Everybody likes to buy with confidence.
So  just give me a call  07885524072  or e-mail me and let's do it!

Why pre-purchase inspection is necessary?
Number plate changed?
The most common issue was a change
of number plate, with more than
analysed having recorded
such a change. It could  be a sign that
an unscrupulous former owner has
tried to hide the vehicle’s true identity.
Vehicle history check
Drivers seeking to buy a used car in
2019 need to be on their guard
as figures from the RAC suggest
more than half (52%) have a hidden
history that could lead to a myriad
of problems for new owners.
Vehicle Inspection
1 in 6 cars needs over £500 in repairs.
The Citizen's Advice Bureau received
84,000 complaints from used car buyers
 in the past year. They recommend
protecting yourself by having it
checked by a mechanic
before you buy it.
Why choose me?
Our inspection Conclusion
What I check :
  • Outstanding Finance           included
  • Stolen                                     included
  • Exported                                included
  • Write-Off                                included
  • Scrapped                               included
  • Vehicle Details                      included
  • Valuation                               included
  • MOT Status & History         included
I'm using best tools on the market as :
And one more, You can also trust me because I don't repair cars.

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