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Want to buy car? Make professional car check before buying.
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Pre-purchase Mobile Car Inspection

Inspection report  will help You with car sale for first viewer.
or will cover Your finace when buying a used car.
Car inspection in Bristol without
driving to the shop!

Do You have car for sale?
Inspection report will help You to sale car mostly to ...the first viewer!
Everybody like to buy with confidence.
So If You are sure Your car will fly over inspection just give me a call or e-mail me and let's do it!

Why pre-purchase inspection is necessary?
Vehicle history check
Drivers seeking to buy a used car in
2019 need to be on their guard
as figures from the RAC suggest
more than half (52%) have a hidden
history that could lead to a myriad
of problems for new owners.
Vehicle Inspection
1 in 6 cars needs over £500 in repairs.
The Citizen's Advice Bureau received
84,000 complaints from used car buyers
 in the pastyear. They recommend
protecting yourself by having it
checked by a mechanic
before you buy it.
Number plate changed?
The most common issue was a change
of number plate, with more than
analysed having recorded
such a change. It could  be a sign that
an unscrupulous former owner has
tried to hide the vehicle’s true identity.
Why choose me?
What I check :
  • Outstanding Finance           check
  • Stolen                                     check
  • Exported                                check
  • Write-Off                                check
  • Scrapped                               check
  • Vehicle Details                      check
  • Valuation                               check
  • MOT Status & History         check
I'm using best tools on the market as :
Our inspection Conclusion
And this all on Your site because I'm mobile car inspector!

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