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About me

Let's get acquainted.

My name is Jarek, I am Polish, I am 56 years old and have lived in Bristol for 13 years.
I have run my own Citroen and Peugeot workshop in Poland for over 10 years.
In the UK, I worked mainly as a driver but I also tried my hand as a mechanic. Unfortunately, depending on the company, I was required or exchanging good for new ones - in the workshop where private clients come with cars for repairs (after all, something has to be earned - for the company of course).
Or it was required to leave damaged as long as possible in a company that owned over 200 cars.
(in the end, you need to save on something - for the company of course).

In the first case, the best interests of the customer were not taken into account at all, AND THIS SHOULD be taken into account first of all.
In the second case, safety was not taken into account too much and I was billed negatively as I had to replace too many parts. SIC !!!!

Because I do not agree with one or the other philosophy of repairs where the point of view depends on the point of seating I quit my job as a mechanic and worked for several years as a driver.
In the meantime, many friends used my skills to diagnose cars and used my help to buy them.
So I decided to use my skills and here I'm.

I care about the client's benefit regardless of who he inspects.

And here I would like to apologize for my English language but it is not easy for such a grandfather to learn the language perfectly and also how to spell it.
I am an economist at the university, I have 2 daughters and a 5-year-old granddaughter. All my family lives in Bristol or near Bristol.
I will attach photos soon.
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